My Half-Century Journey from Curiosity to Concern for the “persons of the forest”

“It has been my privilege and passion to have known and served these critically endangered persons of the forest for fifty years”

Children's book (co-authored):

Princess-based on a true story of friendship

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Factors Influencing the Variance in Sign Learning Performance by Four Juvenile Orangutans

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The Orangutan Project-USA - President

Wildlife Conservation International- Board Member

Yayasan Sumatra Hijau Lestari - Advisor

PT Harapan Orangutan Perlindungan Ecosystem - Technical Advisor

If we don’t speak out on behalf of our closest primate relatives, who will?

From what we have learned over the last century, orangutans possess all of the biological, psychological, and behavioral characteristics that endow them with personhood status. As a critically endangered sibling species, we owe each individual orangutan person as well as the small metapopulations of wild orangutans remaining a chance for a better life than what they currently have and to ensure their long-term survival in the forests that they call home.

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